Tharii = Formal title for fighters (from spatharios)

Tharii are protectors for Kizier; most than just bodyguards they are also legal guardians responsible for every aspect of their bond's life. This includes obvious things like their health and welfare, as well as finances and vocation. A bonded Tharii and Kizier are legally seen as a single entity with the Tharii holding all the legal power.

Pre-Bond Edit

Tharii pre-bonding can have a frat-like existence if not paired in their first wave

  • This results in homoromantic (like with like) ballads specifically about Tharii
  • And homoromantic Tharii relations are considered a good thing

to have, provided they are not putting their Tharii "buddy" first once they get a Kizier

  • Though they can put them first in some things, sort of Tharii bonding "poker nights"
  • However, if you are a Tharii that leads another Tharii astray so that they neglect their duties to their Kizier... uh oh
  • There exist no ballads for similar pre-bonded Kizier relationships, because they are not taken
  • Idealized Tharii characteristics focus on physical strength and tactical intelligence.
    • This can result in more dexterity focused Tharii being considered the equivalent of "effeminate"
  • Very rarely, a Tharii can have an adverse sensitivity to magic
    • Their pair can Make It Work with a lesser sensitivity to their type, but can still give them a headache
    • For those rare cases, they often aren't believed to be sensitive, as Tharii Are Strong and that's just not real come on

Cons and Lifesavers Edit

There are those who are capable for forming a less serious bond with Kizier. Tharii like this seem to come in two varieties: con artists and Lifesavers. They both do the same thing, it all depends on how they choose to use their abilities. Cons, obviously, use their powers to either scam the system, or their Kizier, sometimes both. In contrast, Lifesavers can temporarily bond with a Kizier for whom care at their school or home is not enough.