Formal title for magic users = Kizier (from caesar)

Unpaired peoples = Shade

Kiziers Edit

Ms Peacock

Kiziers are magic users who are required by law to have a Tharii to act as their guardian. In this case it means not only are their Tharii phyiscal protectors, they are also legal guardians. Kizier are deemed incapable of functioning on their own and are not considered legal adults able to manage their own affairs unless they are part of a bonded pair. Occasionally Kiziers may keep the magical households for their widowed Tharii and or siblings, but they are expected to find a bond of their own.

A Kizier who doesn't have a Tharii would have good reasons to consider faking it. An unbonded Kizier cannot manage their own money, own property, participate in political or legal decisions, and has limited means of supporting themselves.

Shades Edit

Shades are Kiziers who are not bonded to a Tharii. Although no longer children, they are not considered legal adults and therefore remain under the guardianship of either their families or the state. Being a Shade does not necessarily mean that the Kizier has never been bonded. Just as some are "old maids" and remain unchosen, others have been widowed, or lost their bond by some other method.

Corsets Edit


In order to suppress their magical powers, some Kizier are fitted with corsets. Both men and women wear them. Someone who has only minor issues controlling their magic might only need a cincher with a few points of boning. A more powerful sorceress, however, might need something more akin to a straight jacket with heavy boning, a high collar, and long sleeves. The tightness of the garment also affects its ability to control the wearer's magic. A tighter corset results in tighter control, leading more than a few Kizier to faint at inconvenient times due to magical tightlacing.

Idealized Kizier characteristics are small hands and feet, slim waists, long hair. This is not found very often. And some of the actual "most desirable" Kizier can have none of these characteristics if they are powerful or charismatic enough.