Basic InformationEdit

Kiros is a tall, imposing man with black hair that cascades down past his shoulders. He tends to be reserved in crowds, though he is extremely self assured. The Kiros that shows up in court in the Regency Era is the same from the very beginning of the Dark Ages. The truth of the mythology is muddled, but he doesn't go out of his way to correct anyone. The fact of the matter is that he didn't intend to take over the world. He'd wanted revenge, he was vastly powerful, and too young to control it once it got away from him.

Unable to actually die until he's proven to the Powers that he's learned his lesson.

Abilities or PowersEdit

Kiros' abilities are extreme. Unlike current Kiziers, he's able to command vast swaths of magic from Necromancy to Summoning, the Elements to mentalism, there seems to be no limits. Though temperance has come with age and he's very unlikely to let go again as this is his last shot at both humanity and a future.


Kiros has only loved his Tharii, Vasalis. Now that Dieter is Vas' reincarnation angst will resume.


Kiros will be the first to admit that he took over the world. However, it's not as grand or as focused and people think it to be. In reality he and Vasalis were young men who had everything they loved razzed to the ground by a vicious king. They wanted revenge on the townspeople who failed to protect their loved ones, the kingdom, and that spiraled out of control.

When Kiros was finally defeated, he banished Vasalis before the invading armies could surround him. This is why his Tharii is absent from all of the legends. Unable to kill him, Kiros was imprisoned in a sword that has been featured in other great heroic tales. One hero he assisted petitioned for his curse to be lifted. Kiros is unsure of what happened, just that he was found in a forest during the Regency Era and properly corseted until he met Dieter at a Pairing.


Here's how it all began