Ideas for Stories Edit

  • conpeople and friends who decide to fake it to get out from under the matching system and then get outted when one of them finds their Pair
  • You could also have people who can lightly bond with just about anybody. On the good side they could train.
    • Oh like instead of being one half of a pair, they could either be a conperson or a lifesaver?
      • Alex could be a trained lifesaver but then he gets paired with Ray and is like "wait wait what"
  • The Hero is desperate to be single
  • Kizier who murdered their Tharii in self defense ANGST ANGST ANGST
  • So what do you think if an order of unbonded fighters who hunt down rogue kiziers? That will also end in angst. Allso maybe taking some sort of vow of something or branded something or other  AND THEN YOU PAIR WITH THE EVIL KIZIER
  • Detective!Tharii who search out missing Kiziers. Not all who go missing are rogue; they may have been kidnapped or any number of things. A profession that is often taken by Tharii whose Kizier have died (tragically or not).


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