Basic Information Edit

Freddie is a baby genius by every stretch of the imagination. He was publishing his first paper before puberty and hence, when he showed signs of being a Kizier everyone was a bit stuck with what to do. Considering he was working in a more soft version of the sciences and was focused primarily on Pair Bonding and animals, he's been allowed to stay. When his Pair finally does arrive, he's very worried that his position will change.

Abilities or PowersEdit

Basic Druid magic and other earth based things. He can heal plants and animals and "talk" in a manner of speaking with nature.

Relationships Edit

Freddie's the second eldest of a family of 4. His mother and father Paired when they were very young and have an extremely loving and stable relationship. All of Freddie's family are musicians, so they travel. He keeps in touch as much as possible. All in all the family is very healthy.

Now if only he could get Ernie to love him :(


Freddie had shown an aptitude for Alchemy and Science very early in his life. So much so that his musical parents went out of their way to have him move into a university at his request. He was happily studying till his Transformation, but avoided most parties unless expressly asked to by his sponsors at Uni. Considering his advanced studies at a young age, the board of the university felt that as long as he behaved properly, he would be allowed to study under a Tharii professor until his Pair Bond was formed.

He was as shocked as anyone else when it happened to be a friend.


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